Wool & Cork Sole Unisex Sandals

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Upper: Wool
Insole: Wide-Anatomic Cork Footbed Covered With Wool
Liner: Wool

Insole: Wide-Anatomic Cork Footbed Covered With Wool
* Our cork sole is water resistant . There will be no no cracking or flaking on the cork
* Form Fitting;Cork is a relatively soft material that subjected to the weight, cork insoles mold themselves to the wearer’s foot. This creates a custom fit that conforms tothe wearer’s natural shape, offering a high degree of comfort .
* Odor Resistance; Cork is a moisture-wicking material. By using cork, there is a far less moisture buildup left in the shoe, starving bacteria of food.
* Impact Resistance;For those on their feet for extended periods, cork insoles offer a degree of relief. The material’s natural elasticity means less impact force is transferred up into ankles,shins and knees, reducing joint stress.
* Cork reduces and prevents foot illness, resulting in a better quality of life.
* High comfort performance, lightweight, compression recovery, warm feeling, excellent thermal insulation and hypoallergenic